2017 8. Türkiye Enerji Zirvesi



Organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Republic of Turkey and with the support of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Turkey Energy Summit, unites senior level representatives of public institutions and organizations of Turkey and regional countries with more than 1,500 national and international participants every year. Becoming a tradition as the “Biggest Gathering” of Turkey’s energy markets, Turkey Energy Summit is the first and only organization that gathers the electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and LPG markets under the same roof.

The effects of the transformation process in the energy markets of Turkey and the global energy markets, future trends, expectations and the needs of Turkey’s energy markets in this process, changes created by digitalization in the sector, the change in the energy financing conditions, renewable energy conversion and all matters that are experienced in the East Mediterranean and the Middle East, which are of particular concern to Turkey and which affect the energy markets, are addressed in all aspects. While contributing to the future projections of the participants and the decision makers, the Turkey Energy Summit aims to offer opportunities for establishment of new collaborations in the region.


Meet with Industry Stakeholders

Bringing together more than 1,500 national and international participants, Turkey Energy Summit gives the industry stakeholders a platform to exchange ideas, and allows them to create new opportunities for cooperation.

Hold the Pulse of the Industry

At the Summit where recent developments as well as future trends in Turkish and global energy markets will be discussed by local and foreign industry professionals and decision makers in all aspects, you will be able to follow the developments more closely and in depth and be the first to hear the innovations, changes and progresses in the industry.

Reinforce Your Position in the Industry

By taking part in Turkey Energy Summit; you will find the opportunity to share your products and services with senior industry representatives as well as you will have chance to open doors for new collaborations.